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Black Postal Box Horn

Black Postal Box Horn

Black Mail Box

Secure lock with 2 keys

Made from pressed steel with epoxy powder coating.

Wall Mounted Post Box

Size: 320mm wide x 360mm high x 108mm depth

This Wall Mounted Post Box is made from steel and finished in black. The letterflap, on the front of the box, is large enough to take an A4 envelope but still small enough to be secure. There is a window above the flap to allow you put your name and address and there is also a second window, on the front towards the bottom, which can be used to view if there is any mail inside the post box. The front retrieval door is hinged at the bottom allowing really easy access to the box inside. For added security the front opening door has an integral lock which comes with two sets of keys. Comes with all fixtures and fixings.

Price: 18.00 (Including VAT at 20%)

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